Deposit Schemes

Term Deposit

Fixed Deposit is also known as Term Deposit. Fixed Deposit means an amount is deposited at Bank for a fixed period. The bank offers a fixed rate of interest for that period. The banks offers a wide range of period; from 7 days to 10 years. The interest rate varies according to the duration of deposits.

  • Minimum Amount Rs.1000
  • No upper limit
  • Term Deposits Interest Rates
  • Rate of Interest on Deposits revised from 01.11.2022
Period of DepositTenureInterest Rate
a15 days to 45 days 5 3/4%
b46 days to 90 days 6 1/4%
c91 days to 179 days 6 3/4%
d180 days to 364 days 7%
e1 year and above 8.35%